Welcome to our Cedarlodges website… introducing our range of Cedarlodges, especially the new Tennessee programme.

These are the many customer sectors that we are pleased to serve


Our Cedarlodges, are being evermore widely acclaimed in the residential garden.

Need extra space? The ideal accommodation unit for grown up children, leaving university, trying to get a foot on the mortgage ladder, parents-in-law wanting to downsize, extra accommodation for friends and visitors… the list is endless. The Cedarlodge range offers a very attractive alternative, with substantial planning and VAT advantages.

Air B&B Operators

The residential home owner wanting to earn some extra income without having their guests within the main house… an excellent return on investment and a minimum inconvenience.

Holiday parks

From the small to the large, from the quiet and private, to the large and active, our Cedarlodges represent a major advance in holiday accommodation.

Glamping Sites

An all-embracing term covering small holiday parks, countryside retreats, dedicated glamping sites. A phenomenon that has developed in the last few years in response to the need for people to get away to the countryside in a broad spectrum of accommodation from the tent to the Cedarlodge!

Wedding oriented hotels and golf clubs

The “boom” in civil weddings has increased the demand for overnight accommodation close to where it all happens, and experience shows that small “self-contained” living units like our Cedarhuts and Cedarcabins are the ideal solution for the entrepreneur and wedding guest.

Theme parks, stately homes and wildlife centres

With the ever-growing sophistication of wildlife parks, stately homes etc, the increased requirement for a one or two night stay, enabling the maximum period at the venue and the maximum enjoyment. A tremendous return on investment for the entrepreneur.

Fishing Lakes

Need we say more… a fabulous home for the fisherman seeking comfort, quality and a bit of peace!

Stud Farms & Equestrian Centres

An ideal option for staff or visiting customers.


The fast-growing wine producing industry in the UK is an ideal venue, not only for weddings but for overnight stays, either for wedding guests or for visitors to the vineyard and all the local attractions.