Cedarlodge Gallery

In the interests of ongoing product improvement, many of the illustrations below do not necessarily conform to the detail of the new Tennessee range, but they give you an insight into our total “offering”, the concept and our manufacturing experience

We were wondering whether to categorise this gallery of photographs in to subsections, but by popular consent, we have arranged them “en masse” for you to get an overview into the range and what we do, any particular photograph that you would   like to enlarge, then click on it for an enlarged version and then “scroll” through other ones that you might like to look at. If ever you would like to discuss any aspect of any particular image, please give us a call.

Do bear in mind please that the specification and design of our products will vary as we incorporate evermore improvements. Some of the images are from earlier versions but they give you a good instruction of the product range in general.

‘To enable visitors to identify any particular photograph, please hover your cursor over or click the image and it will bring up the photo number’